AI + Human Decision-Making

Greetings, I’m Tayo Akiwumi, a seasoned, independent decision-making consultant with a passion for navigating the complexities of strategic choices. With a robust background in national and international business, I bring a unique blend of analytical insight and practical wisdom to empower organizations in making informed decisions. Let’s embark on a journey together to optimize your decision-making processes and drive success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

I help decision makers in your organization make better decisions consistently, easily and measurably.

I combine more than 40 years of successful business experience with an AI driven decision-making platform to deliver the consultancy. Multimedia decision content is supported, including text-to-speech.

What I do

I work quickly with your decision makers and I build decision-making templates that are specific to their functional requirements.

The templates can then be reused as often as needed to ensure fast, effective, decisions are made in a structured, consistent and measurable manner. The templates are AI based and are interactive. 

To do this, I conduct on-site and online workshops for your decision makers.

About MeTayo Akiwumi

I’m a business and technology professional. A British national from London, UK.

I offer many years of experience gained at organizations ranging from multinationals through to startups, SMEs and government agencies. This includes British Telecom, AT&T, Siemens AG, Logica CMG Ltd,, Kuwait Ministry of Communications, Software AG and more.

I’ve successfully provided consulting services to these organization while living and working in different countries on different continents.

My AI + human decision-making consulting services are independent of your sector, department responsibility or topic.

I use human driven AI to deliver structured decision-making in a simple, powerful and cost-effective format that is unique in the industry. 

I first realised and proved the value of the format while consulting for a European industrial conglomerate in the year 2000.