I just want to know myself better.

So I feel more complete.

– Start to find out – Continue finding out – In nearly 100 spoken and written languages

Perdeca posses scenarios and offers simple, clear options in pairs. You decide. As you take your time and interact with Perdeca, you will quickly begin to understand who you are better; even as you change over time. Perdeca is your lifelong, confidential companion that continuously helps you to know yourself better.

Choose a free 7-day trial. Start with only a username, email address and a password.

Use Microsoft Edge browser for a longer list of spoken and more natural voice, Perdeca is compatible with all main Internet browsers.

  1. After logging in, download a session then import it in your Perdeca account
  2. Open the session and simply select any of two options presented during the session
  3. You can select a spoken language to isten to the session prompts

If, after the 7-day trial, you feel comfortable with Perdeca, then select the 12-month Player Subscription option when you next sign in to Perdeca.