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‘Over 10 years after, I wrote a novel to help me find the greatest love I have ever had and lost when I was 19 years old. Just when it seemed the gods had finally answered my prayer, they answered it again and must have promptly sat back comfortably to watch my throes of indecision.’

‘Carlene’ is an easy to read romantic, sensitive and light-hearted story that heavily borrows from the truths and emotions of the author’s real life. Carlene Wong, a Chinese-Malaysian beauty that Tobi Vaughan met on a normal train journey stole his heart at a speed he could not have prepared for. Then he lost her as she followed a dream to America. The story spans Tobi’s early years in Nigeria across to England, America, Malaysia, Thailand, and Dubai.

Having spent so many years agonizing over losing Carlene and scheming ways to find her again, he finally had to face the ultimate test of his love for her when he met the second answer to his prayer, Suchada Koyama, a Japanese-Thai air hostess of stunning looks and grace.

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About The Author

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Author – Tayo Akiwumi

Tayo Akiwumi has a particular love for Far-East Asia and has spent many years traveling in that region. Raised in London, England he has since traveled to over 40 countries across the globe and has lived in Africa, Europe, Middle-East and Asia including Dubai and Bangkok. ‘Carlene – A Love Story’ is Tayo Akiwumi’s first novel.



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